1. An interview with author Tito Flores about _____ new book will be broadcast tonight.


2. Perend Trail’s new hiking boots will be available in brown _____ black leather.


3. Mr. Ruotolo’s _____ on the new tax changes is scheduled for 10:00 a.m.


4. Boyd Street Market is Mapleton’s largest retailer of foods _____ around the world.


5. Mr. Johansson _____ accepted the job offer he received from Saco Bike Works.


6. To expand its global reach, Amity Spas will _____ open its franchise opportunities to international prospects.


7. The second-generation XR1280 unit is _____ to its predecessor, except for its reduced weight.


8. Zarmeni Mining has been evaluating the benefits of building a mine at the _____ site.


9. Vice President Ramos will not make _____ decisions until more feedback has been gathered.


10. If you have ordered more than two items, be aware they may arrive in separate _____ .


11. Candidates for the open position must have good interpersonal skills and _____ working with clients.


12. Chong Kim was _____ recommended for the position of merchandise manager for Corbin Furniture Mart.


13. Once the returned item is received, a refund will appear on your credit-card statement _____ five business days.


14. The printer on the second floor will be out of _____ until the technician arrives on Friday.


15. Sales of our computer software were good last quarter, but sales for our mobile applications have been even _____ .


16. Upon request, the guests at Olane Hotel will be provided vouchers _____ free parking.


17. Please review the projected sales figures in the spreadsheets that _____ to the e-mail.


18. During tourist season, selling handmade crafts is a _____ source of income for local residents.


19. Everyone at the annual Tirnaco exposition seemed _____ by the new products on display.


20. This Saturday, Ritesense customers will have the opportunity to sample a _____ of Health Bar products.


21. Ms. Wong has expressed _____ in leading the city’s planned beautification project.


22. Mr. Choo was chosen to head the committee for consumer protection from a _____ pool of candidates.


23. Please save spreadsheets periodically when updating them to prevent data from _____ .


24. _____ Gyoh Company’s marketing push, new orders for cash registers decreased slightly in the third quarter.


25. All members of the sales team must attend next Thursday’s meeting so that _____ can see the sales forecast presentation.


26. The updated medical-records system will ____ that patients and doctors can easily access accurate information.


27. Up until last year, we marketed our services _____ through our online partner, Yoder Tech.


28. President Grimaud would like to thank the marketing department for _____ the mislabeling issue to her attention.


29. Please be patient as the IT department works _____ service to your business application.


30. Markley Corporation’s earnings have risen steadily despite significant fluctuations _____ the stock market.



Questions 31-34 refer to the following notice.

Holiydale Medical Center
To All Office Staff:
The move to our new medical center building will take place this weekend. 31 _____ , all items in your desks must be packed before the end of the day on Friday. The empty boxes 32 _____ to you by 8:00 a.m. on Thursday. When you arrive at our new location on Monday morning, your boxes should already be in your new office. 33 _____ . If you will be out of the office this Thursday or Friday, notify me immediately so we can make other arrangements. We appreciate your cooperation in helping to make this transition to our new location go as 34 _____ as possible.
Jian Tang, Office Manager.









Questions 35-38 refer to the following flyer. 

This year marks the twentieth anniversary of Hispanic Heritage Month. 35 _____ , the food court at the Swift Business Complex will feature cuisines from Hispanic and Latin American countries. Visit the food court today to kick off the 36 _____ ! Free tapas (small bites) and drinks will be available for tasting.
37 _____ , the Swift Business Complex will be hosting a Hispanic Heritage Expo the week of October 10 in the center of the main atrium. International businesses as well as local vendors will be participating in this one-of-a-kind event. Each afternoon at 3 p.m., two lucky shoppers will win leather handbags from Cuero Suave, a Colombia-based trading company located on the fourth floor. 38 _____.









Questions 39-42 refer to the following e-mail.

To: Hye-Jin Lee
From: Globiance Technologies
Subject: Information
Date: 5 June
Dear Ms. Lee,
Thank you for 39 _____ the Sciorama X200 social science database. Your selection is a preferred one among many researchers. We would like to learn about your 40 ______ with this database through a five-minute survey. As a token of 41 _____ appreciation, you will be automatically entered into a drawing to win a $100 gift card from Globiance Technologies. All of your responses will be kept confidential. 42 _____ .
The questionnaire is available at www.gt.org/scioramasurvey. Thanks in advance for your feedback.
The Survey Team at Globiance Technologies.









Questions 43-46 refer to the following instructions

Armanfax Logistics
Vehicle inspection Policy
This section deals with completing your 43 _____ vehicle inspection reports. The purpose of these reports is to ensure proper vehicle maintenance and operation safety.
As an Armanfax Logistics delivery driver, you must complete posttrip checks on your vehicle and list any defects on special report forms. 44 _____ to report a problem may result in a breakdown of the vehicle. Note that reports must be completed at the end of each day. 45 _____
Pretrip checks are completed by reviewing the previous driver’s inspection report. If it notes any 46 _____ , you must acknowledge that necessary repairs have been performed.










Questions 47-48 refer to the following sign.


As part of our transition to new ownership, the Wesselman Hotel is in the process of making some landscaping improvements, including adding flower beds along the walkways. We apologize for the current unsightly condition of the grounds, but soon we will have an impressive floral display. Thank you for your patience, and we hope you will return to see our grounds once our gardeners have completed their work. 

47. What is the purpose of the sign?


148. What is mentioned about the Wesselman Hotel?


Questions 51-52 refer to the following note card.

Thank you for sending me another of your company’s food blenders in exchange
for my product feedback. The motor of the Lumtik IB-8900 seem to be a bit more powerful than the motors of the two blenders I reviewed previously. This one does a great job, especially on the high-speed setting. One thing that is disappointing is that the measurement lines were not easy to decipher and seem to fade and become less legible after several washings. This may be a problem with the imprinting on the device. The measurement lines need to be…engraved or permanently marked to be clearer. Needless to say, this is important for recipes that require precisely measured ingredients.
Hannah Daley

51. What is suggested about Ms. Daley?


Questions 49-50 refer to the following text-message chain 

Mi-Yeon Chun [9:01 A.M.]
Hi, Trudy. Do you happen to have the codes
for the new online system?
Trudy Acosta [9:02 A.M.]
Do you mean the ones we need to report
how many hours we have worked each week?
Mi-Yeon Chun [9:03 A.M.]
Yes, exactly.
Trudy Acosta [9:04 A.M.]
I will look for them, but at the moment I
have to meet Mr. Carlyle about an urgent
issue with our mobile banking app. Some
customers are unable to access their accounts.
I’ll e-mail you the codes when I get back to
my desk.
Mi-Yeon Chun [9:06 A.M.]
OK. Thank you!

49. Where do the writers most likely work?


52. What does Ms. Daley mention about measurement lines?


Questions 153-154 refer to the following e-mail.

From Tom Martinez <tmartinez@isppm.com> 
To Reshmi Singh <rsingh@itresources.ca> 
Subject IS PPM Top 20 
Date 3 April

Dear Ms. Singh,
We are currently accepting nominations for Internet Security and Patent Protection
Magazine’s Top 20 list. The ISPPM Top 20 is the preeminent guide for businesses
seeking expertise for safeguarding the value of intellectual property. Finalizing the Top 20 list is a challenging task, and we value your contribution to this process. If you would like to make any nominations for this annual listing, please do so by 17 April. Visit our Web site and enter the details of the consultants you believe should be included in this year’s listing, along with a brief explanation for your nominations. Please note that we do not accept self-nominations or nominations from colleagues
working in the same company. The final list will be published in June.

We look forward to reviewing your nominations.

Kind regards,

Tom Martinez, Technical Editor 

53. What is Mr. Martinez requesting?


50. At 9:03 a.m., why does Ms. Chun write, “Yes, exactly”?


54. How is Ms. Singh being asked to respond?


Questions 55-57 refer to the following product description.

Clearhold Coating is a newly developed, transparent waterproofing system that is
superior to traditional pigmented coatings. Clearhold is ideal for application to
masonry-block constructions—both new and existing—as well as to interior and
exterior decorative elements. 

Clearhold can also be applied to concrete and masonry subfloors, which is not
possible with our competitors’ waterproofing materials. Clearhold will stop humidity
from seeping up through subfloors and can be applied before installation of adhesive
and floor coverings such as carpet, tile, laminate, or hardwood. 

Clearhold will be available in stores starting in January. For more information, visit

55. What does Clearhold Coating do?


56. What does the description indicate about Clearhold Coating?


57. How is Clearhold Coating an improvement on products already on the market?


Questions 158-160 refer to the following instructions. 

Caring for your Minot Griddle
Thank you for purchasing the nonstick Minot Griddle. With proper care, you and your
family will enjoy cooking pancakes, grilled sandwiches, and much more for years to
come. First, it is important to protect the griddle from contact with metal that can scratch the nonstick surface. — [1] —. Also, the nonstick feature of your griddle is sensitive to changes in temperature. Be sure not to immerse the hot griddle in cool water, which can cause warping and peeling. — [2] —. Instead, allow the griddle to cool before washing. Finally, careful handwashing will prolong the life of your Minot Griddle. Do not use harsh scrubbers such as steel wool. Gentle washing with a cloth or soft sponge is preferred. — [3] —.
— [4] —. Should you have any questions about your Minot Griddle, please visit our
customer Web site at www.minot.co.uk. 

58. For whom are the instructions most likely intended?


59. What method is recommended for washing the item?


60. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong?
“Therefore, avoid using metal cooking utensils with the griddle.”


Questions 61-63 refer to the following e-mail 

To All Patient Distribution List
From Meyers Dental Clinic
Date August 12
Subject Extended services

Dear Patient,

We are pleased to announce that, as of September 1, Meyers Dental Clinic will offer extended hours to better meet your needs for appointments outside regular workday hours. With the hiring of an additional dentist and assistant, we will be able to offer regular appointments Monday to Saturday between 7:00 A .M . and 6:00 p.m . Dr. Meyers will continue to offer urgent appointments as late as 7:00 p.m .

If you would like to reschedule an existing appointment, please call our office at 555-0132.

Thank you for trusting us with your dental care.

Best regards,

Erica Trumble, Office Manager

61. What is the purpose of the e-mail?


62. The word “meet” in paragraph 1, line 2, is closest in meaning to


63. What is indicated about Meyers Dental Clinic?


Questions 164-167 refer to the following article.

Closing Early on Summer Fridays
HOUSTON (June 3)—Summer just became more relaxing for employees of Aftnax Software, where the company recently instituted a Summer Friday policy. — [1 ] —. From now until the first week in September, the office closes at 1 P.M. so employees can go home early. “It’s great to have that 1 P.M. cutoff,” says Clay Jackson, an Aftnax employee for
the past decade. — [2] —. “Some nights I can stay in the office until seven or eight if I have a project I need to finish. But knowing that the office is closing its doors early on Friday frees me up to spend more time with my family.” In addition to boosting workers’ morale,  studies have found that scheduled downtime actually increases productivity. — [3] —. The number of firms offering this perk has increased by 23 percent in the past five years. Remmor Tech, one of the first local companies to institute a similar policy, says that ever since it began offering time off on Fridays twelve years ago, it has seen a marked improvement in employee satisfaction. — [4] —. “Our employees’ happiness is important to us,” says Alexandra Odoms, the CEO of Remmor. “We know that if we care about our employees, then our employees will care about the work they do for us.”

64. What is the purpose of the article?


65. What is indicated about Mr. Jackson?


66. According to Ms. Odoms, what is the rationale for having a Summer Friday policy?


67. In which of the positions marked [1], [2], [3], and [4] does the following sentence best belong?
“And companies are taking notice.”


Questions 68-71 refer to the following Web page 

Master International offers internships to university students and recent graduates who are passionate about the software industry and would like to gain real-world experience in coding, product development, marketing, and security. Our products are used by businesses worldwide.

Each unpaid internship position lasts for a period of four months and requires an on-site commitment of at least three full days per week. Applications must be received by 1 November (for the spring program), 1 April (for summer), or 1 July (for autumn). Current university students are encouraged to check with their academic institution to determine whether course credits may be granted. Although a few interns may subsequently be offered permanent full-time employment, a job offer is not guaranteed. Master International receives hundreds of internship applications throughout the year. After an initial review, a select few will be contacted in advance of each four-month cycle for an in-person or telephone interview.


To get started, we require the following:

• A completed employment application (located in the Forms tab)

• A letter indicating area of interest and relevant coursework

• Two letters of recommendation

Submit all documents to:

Master International 

Personnel Department

34 Crawley Square

London, England SE7 9BQ

68. What most likely is Master International?


69. By what date must an application be submitted for a summer internship?


70. What is suggested about the Master International internship program?