1. New patients should arrive fifteen minutes before ____scheduled appointments.


2. The ____version of the budget proposal must be submitted by Friday.


3. Ms. Choi offers clients ____ tax preparation services and financial management consultations.


4. Maya Byun ____ by the executive team to head the new public relations department.


5. Belvin Theaters will ____ allow customers to purchase tickets on its Web site.


6. AIZ Office Products offers businesses a ____ way to send invoices to clients online.


7. Because several committee members have been delayed, the accounting report will be discussed ____ than planned at today’s meeting.


8. According to the revised schedule, the manufacturing conference will begin at 9:00 a.m. ____ 8:00 a.m.


9. While the station is undergoing repair the train will proceed____Cumberland without stopping.


10. Dr. Morales, a geologist from the Environmental Institute, plans to study the soil from the mountains ____Caracas.


11.  If you have already signed up for automatic payments, ____ no further steps are required.


12. Confident that Mr. Takashi Ota was____ more qualified than other candidates, Argnome Corporation hired him as the new vice president.


13. Poleberry Local Marketplace takes pride in carrying only ____ processed dairy products from the region.


14. All of Molina Language Institute’s ____have three or more years of experience and a valid teaching credential.


15. The restaurant critic for the Montreal Times ____the food at Corban’s Kitchen as affordable and authentic.


16. The Merrywood Shop will hold a sale in January to clear out an ____of holiday supplies.


17. Questions 17-20 refer to the following e-mail

To: Sunil Pai <sp8410@xmail.co.uk>

From: Fabrizio Donetti <customerservice@palazzadesign.co.uk>

Date: Friday, 1 July

Subject: Order #491001

Dear Mr. Pai:

Thank you for your recent order. 17 ____  the tan linen suit you ordered is unfortunately not available in your size at this time, we do have the same style in stock in light gray. 18 ____

If you order now, we can offer you a 15% discount on the suit, as well as free shipping on your 19 ____ order, so you could have the items by next week. If you are interested, please e-mail our customer service department and reference the order number above.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. We 20 ____ forward to serving you and providing you with fashionable apparel in the future.


Fabrizio Donetti

Customer Service Representative









1. Having returned from a long business trip Mr. Thompson was advised to rest throughout the ________ of the week.


2. Should you find ______ able to rectify this situation, we would be pleased to hear from you.


3. Dr. Hiroki arrives at 10:30 A.M. and is expecting a representative from our office to meet _____ in the baggage claim area


4. Mr. Jefferson definitely needs to improve _______ knowledge of English grammar before thinking of teaching the students.


5. _______ still prefers to have his business luncheons in small, informal places rather than at more formal places.


6. Once you have experienced MDPIXX you probably may want to give _______ feedback and propose improvements


7. As Independent Financial advisers we are able to offer _______ clients advice on products from every financial product provider in the UK.


8. This handbook has been designed to offer _______ advice and some suggestions to you.


9. If you are not currently a client of _______, and you’d like to find out more about what we can offer, please call one of our offices to obtain information on how to become a new client


10. I deeply appreciate that honor of being asked to review work as valuable as _______.


11. This small business guide is intended to serve as a roadmap for _______ starting a business.


12. _______ experienced significant growth in Western Europe, the company is planning to expand operations in Eastern Europe.


13. We are offering Graduate positions _______ students who are currently completing their final year and would like to begin work in the next calendar year.


14. We provide a range of services _______ to meet the specific industry and market dynamics our clients face.


15. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted within 2 weeks of the closing date _______ an interview


16. _______ in 1840, JBWere is one of the longest-established and largest financial services firms in Australasia.


17. Competition between landlords means rental levels _______ and are unlikely to rise in the coming quarter


18. 53 per cent of people _______ believed the housing boom would continue next year, with 19 per cent expecting further double-digit growth.


19. If you have trouble ______ connected, call our customer service number 1-800-777-7878.


20. Google reserves the _______ to modify, suspend or discontinue the Service with or without notice at any time and without any liability to you